Shantex decking tiles are easy to install over a weekend and will increase the value of your home, condo, cabin or apartment. If you have additional installation questions please check our FAQ for more information.

How To InstallSo Easy Anyone Can Do It

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STEP 1: Clean

Clean and level new decking area. Pressure washing is recommended for initial installation.

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STEP 2: Snap

Align and snap together tiles. Each tile should make an audible "snap" when connected correctly.

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STEP 3: Finish

Cut around tricky parts using hand or power tools. Use Shantex reducers and end caps to finish off your deck.

How To CutCreate Easy Edges For Any Corner

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STEP 1: Measure

Measure twice, cut once. Make sure you carefully line up your tiles.

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STEP 2: Cut

Using hand or power tools, cut along your carefully measured edges including the snapping base.

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STEP 4: Finish

Your newly cut tiles will fit perfectly into your pattern with minimal expansion or contraction.

How To Install Over GrassEasily Add A Usable Space To Your Backyard

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Remove grass.

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Cover area with gravel.

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Compact gravel.

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Lay down new tiles.

How To Secure The TilesTricky Or Uneven Surfaces Are No Problem

Edge Examples

Before And After