Product Features

Shantex composite products are made of approximately 50% wood and 50% plastic fibers. This provides the tile with the benefits of both materials while maintaining the natural appeal of wood. The wood fibers protect the plastic from UV damage while the plastic resins help defend the wood against insect, rot and moisture damage. Shantex Eco Tiles look, feel and smell like wood.


Water Quickly Drains Through Tiles

Each individual Eco Tile has a "crown" design on the composite strips allowing for quicker and more efficient drainage capacity. Water will drain off into the gaps of the tiles and through the plastic base resulting in no pooling of water for prolonged periods of time. The Eco Tile base is designed to allow steady airflow to circulate underneath the tiles to prevent moisture build up over time.

Patented Interlocking Mechanism

Tiles Snap Tight Together

The patent interlocking plastic base design allows the Shantex Eco Tile system to be a "floating" deck. No screwed, nails or adhesives of any kind are required to install the tiles over an existing surface. For existing surfaces that are not perfectly leveled such as vinyl overlay or cracked concrete, the Eco Tiles are able to directly bridge over the slight unevenness without the tiles coming apart at the joints. There is a "snap" sound when interlocking the tiles that is distinctive only to Shantex Eco Tiles that firmly hold the tiles together.

Design Your Own Pattern

Get Creative With The Top Panels

Be creative and design your own unique pattern. It is also a great option to have if you want to spice up the look of your Shantex surface every year. You can easily change and design a new pattern by removing the composite strips by using a flat head screwdriver. Be inspired and tailor the look of your outdoor living space to be specifically for you. Patterns are made by rearranging the removed composite strips and simply snapping the strips back onto the plastic base. Please see the installation page for examples of possible patterns.

Securing The Tiles

Stay Tight To Vertical Stairs/Planes

The Shantex Eco Tile system is meant to be a floating deck for ease of installation and maintenance. However, if required, the plastic base has screw holes which can be used to secure the tiles down to any surface or vertical plane such as the rise on staircases. To reveal the screw holes, simply pop off the surface composite strips with a flat head screwdriver. Then you can secure the plastic base down to your desired area. Finally snap back on the surface composite strips for a clean finish.

Injection Molded

The Tiles Are Non-Porous

With our state-of-the-art injection molded manufacturing process; the Shantex Eco Tiles are non-porous so moisture, insects and chemicals and stains cannot penetrate into the tiles. Therefore the tiles will not warp, expand, contract or chalk like other composite tiles and decking boards that are manufactured by an extrusion process. Shantex is able to deliver longevity and durability that is unmatched by other composite decking tiles in the industry.

Slip Resistant

Safe Around Pools And Hot Tubs

Shantex Eco Tiles have been tested and passed for anti-slip properties even when wet. The Eco Tiles provide plenty of gripwhether you are walking with your shoes or with your bare feet, making it safe for you and your family. Therefore the tiles are also safe to be used around pools, hot tub, spas and showers.

Membrane Friendly

Evenly Distribute Weight Over Tiles

Our Eco Tiles are the only wood-plastic interlocking deck tile that can be installed directly over top of membranes without having to lay protective material or condensed foam. This is made possible by our patent interlocking grid base design that distributes any weight and pressure evenly. Therefore the Eco Tiles will not puncture or damage your existing membrane surface including vinyl (Duradek), torch on (SBS), fiberglass and others.

Easy To Cut

Using Simple Hand Or Power Tools

Shantex Eco Tiles are very easy to cut as there are no nails or screws anywhere on the tile. Therefore when cutting is required, you will not have to worry about cutting into any screws. Simply use a handsaw, jigsaw or circular saw with a fine blade at low speed the cut the tiles to fit around corners, posts and edges.

Durable And Strong

Can Handle Weight And Extreme Temperatures

Shantex Eco Tiles are completely weather proof and can be used all year round. They will not rot, splinter or deteriorate and will outlast other conventional decking surfaces. The Eco Tiles can withstand temperatures ranging from -40ºC (-40ºF) to 60ºC (140ºF) and is resistant to mold, humidity, salt, chemicals and insects. Each tile is strong enough to withstand up to 2000kg (4400lbs) of pressure so even patio furniture, barbecues and heavy plants can be placed on the tiles.

Eco-Friendly And Fully Recyclable

Made From Recycled Materials

All Shantex composite decking products are made of recycled and reclaimed wood and plastic fibers (sawdust, plastic bags, milk jugs, etc.) making the Eco Tiles 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. The tiles are also ROHS certified meaning all of the materials used are not poisonous and safe for the environment. Green Compliance Certificate/Authority : ROHS