All exterior building products require maintenance and cleaning. Unlike wood, the advantages of Shantex composite products are they will not warp, rot or splinter. The tiles are weather proof so they can be left outside year round and are resistant against damage from moisture, sunlight and insects making Shantex Eco Tiles close to maintenance free. No annual painting, re-staining or sanding is required.

Easy Maintenance

Shantex Decking Tiles Are Easy To Clean

To help maintain the beauty of your Shantex Eco Tiles, all they require are simple periodic cleanings to remove dust and dirt off the embossed wood grain pattern. The tiles can be cleaned every other month or when necessary by hosing it down, mopping it with basic soap and water or by power washing. The tiles are non-porous and therefore stains do not seep directly into the tile's surface.

Each of the four surface composite strips on top of the patent interlocking base can be removed by using a flat head screw driver, making cleaning and removing debris from in between the tiles a breeze. This also makes for easy replacement of any damaged tiles without having to remove the entire tile or deck. Once the strips are removed from the interlocking base, you can take strips from a new tile and simply snap the strips back onto the replacement area.