Why Shantex?

Here are a few reasons why choosing Shantex Eco Tile system is an environmentally friendly, intelligent decision. Our tiles are easy to install and will add value to your home.

Environmentally Friendly

Made From Recycled Materials

At Shantex, we are conscious about being environmentally sustainable. That is why the Shantex composite products are made of reclaimed wood and recycled plastics (sawdust, plastic bags, milk jugs, etc.) to create a fully recyclable product that is ROHS certified, which means all of the materials used are not poisonous and completely environmentally friendly. Therefore you can feel good and safe about using Shantex products. Reducing landfill waste has never been a more beautiful site.

Easy to Install (DIY)

Any Handy Man Could Do It

The patented interlocking system makes installation easy so that anyone can do it themselves. Shantex Eco Tiles simply snap together and you will be done in less than a day. You won't need a contractor, special tools or skills to create your dream outdoor living space.

Cost Effective & Smart Investment

Add Resale Value To Your Home

Replacing an entire deck can be very costly and time consuming. Shantex products offer a cost effective solution to restore life back to any existing surface by simply laying the Eco Tiles on top. You will save on installation and hardware costs as well as the additional maintainence costs required for conventional outdoor surfaces during the life span of ownership.

Low Maintenance - Effortless Beauty

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Shantex is made of a unique blend of wood and plastic, creating a composite material that does not require painting and staining ever. Resistant to moisture penetration, Shantex Eco Tiles are protected against weathering, insects, stains and chemicals making them suitable for hot tubs, pools and spas. Only periodic cleaning with a hose, mop or pressure washer is all you will need to maintain the beauty of your Shantex deck and patio year after year.

Durable & Long lasting

Will Last For Years In All Weather

The state-of-the-art injection mold manufacturing process closes off all the pours of the Eco Tile creating a finished product that will not rot, splinter or warp. The wood fibers help protect the plastic against UV damage while the plastic defends moisture damage against the wood. Backed by a 10 year structural damage warranty, you can be assured Shantex products are made to last.

Floating Deck System

Quick Installation

No screws, nails or adhesives are required to secure the tiles down to your existing surface. This allows for quicker installation and dismantling of the Eco Tiles giving you the option to take them with you when you move or bring it with you on the road when needing a temporary solid surface.